Dale Enns
MS Counselling


“Courage is not the absence of fear….”

“…do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Everyone endures struggles that shape how we develop and engage life. My personal struggles include growing up with ADD/learning disabilities and childhood abuse. Though these struggles were painful in many ways, they also propelled me toward understanding why and how people developed their sense of self/identity and how they then bring “all that” to engage in life and relationship.

I have become fascinated with our “human nature” and helping people overcome obstacles and discover/connect with their full potential.  We innately believe we should be able to create and control our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  This belief is challenged when aspects of life become increasingly more difficult, confusing, painful, stuck, or seem impossible.  Sometimes we feel this disconnect inside of us and sometimes it feels inspired by external situations or other people.

To fully determine, define and understand our disconnects, dysfunctions and challenges we are facing, we need to recognize and undertand the sources and triggers.  We also need to recognize the value and power available in the present and then connect to hope for a better future.  Along the way, we create measurable action plans to achieve real change, growth and restoration.

In my exploration/education I discovered Neurofeedback and how the brain can, through increased efficiency and organization, improve our life experience in a multitude of ways.

I am thrilled to provide Neurofeedback/brain training as a service to enhance aspects of personal and professional wellness and possibly aid in a counseling process.

Dale Enns holds a Master of Science in Counselling from The University of Phoenix and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from Trinity Western. He has over 10 years’ experience coaching, mentoring consulting and training in a wide variety of personal, professional and organizational needs.

Dale recognizes the deep need to feel safe and understood. He is an empathetic listener and focuses on creating a safe and accepting environment for all clients.