Irene Heinrichs
Executive Director

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

I have recently been reflecting on the ‘why’ of the ministry of Cares. To this end, I posed this ‘why’ question to a few of our therapists. Their answers affirmed my own deep passion and sense of purpose in the service we offer our clients. At Cares, we strive to empower clients toward wholeness and reconnection with self and others. Clients’ personal and spiritual strengths are activated in the process.

Having a therapeutic companion in life’s tough or complicated seasons, have proved to be invaluable to so many of the clients we serve. This strengthens our desire to continue to facilitate change, restoration and healing. Our dream is to make these life-changing growth opportunities available to more and more people as we share our passion toward integrated wholeness.

Our current need:

Every year, we provide thousands of hours of subsidized counselling to people in our community. We need to raise $10,000.00 per month in order to continue offering our services at a reduced rate. Would you consider, on behalf of our clients, becoming a monthly or annual donor for Cares? Your generosity could make the difference between someone getting the help they need or having them continue in their emotional, relation and / or mental suffering. Thank you for considering Cares!

For potential clients – I invite you to take a few minutes to review our site, meet our staff, read about the services we provide, and consider whether or not we could be the team to help you in your time of need. A simple phone call could make all the difference in your life.

For potential donors – I invite you to view the entirety of our site and welcome you to connect with me about the possibility of joining our Friends of Cares team of supporters. If your schedule is limited feel free to visit our donation page and find out how you can make your donation online.