Len Kliewer


Len Kliewer has returned to Cares Counselling and brings with him a wealth of therapeutic knowledge and experience to the centre. Trained in Adlerian therapy and receiving his Masters from Adlerian Institute of Professional Psychology. Len enjoys the positive, dynamic, and optimistic direction promoted through this theoretical perspective. While Adlerian theory is at the foundation of Len’s counselling, he is also well-versed in CBT, Narrative, Rational Behavioural therapy and others.

“I would say I am probably more eclectic in my approaches when working with clients.” The spectrum of difficulties in living life often require the ability to diversify approaches. After spending nearly five years working in the Concurrent Disorder Program with Fraser Health, Len is well prepared to work with families or individuals that deal with mental health and addiction issues.

Len is prepared to work with you in areas of anxiety, depression, spirituality, PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, relational abuse, trauma, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and other intense and emotional mental health disorders.